Dead Dogs


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Lucas Weber
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Lucas Weber The record is a masterful showcase of experimental, industrial, bizarre rock. This is a truly unique record filled with influences ranging from Death Grips to Animal Collective. Please do yourself a favor and listen to this. Favorite track: Dead Dogs.
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released June 29, 2015

All songs written by Laszlo Horvath, All instruments performed by Laszlo Horvath


Trombone on 'Fast Child' performed by Aaron Kisslinger

Sandwich meal on 'Big Fire' by Zachary Zamsky

Album art by Laszlo Horvath

2015 silence breaks records



all rights reserved


LACI New York, New York

laszlo horvath kid in nyc make the beat make the tune.

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Track Name: Now We're Older
WHAT YOU said, you've said it before in smaller words and now we're older, you can't run away from our new freedoms you can shed it shed off a look that cloaks your shame cuz everyone is afraid of the same place oh let us in

what you want is what you can get so easily and please the sensesnoregrest you have to let it swarm your face and show you darkness only lights are made to embarrass, and i'm having fun, yes i'm having fun and so is she! and we're together , but what you sell to me is so much better there's a difference between the making of and what comes out and now i'm out of sights to remember oh i'm alive and you are the reason but no hard feelings now i'm high and you are the reason but no hard feelings

we had the time, all the time all time oh the time all time we couldn't have had the time all the time

most, i'd say most the time friction is lovely and i love letting that ghost take over my body's a show and i'm funny (i'm funny guy) ghost mean most to me that gentle, light kissing and breath in mine it's so funny but i'm not funny most the time

and that's just it-i've been here before in smaller limbs and now i'm limper i slumber away for no good reason just to live it again on longer days and i'm not one to live for a past life.
Track Name: The Insides
wish you good luck buddy my friend don't ever fool around with time you could've fooled us funny uses of names you call us all the time there's never too much loving for us all the things you keep from saying out in bursting bet you'd like it if you'd try it don't get up so early

saturate yourself i like to keep around what im used to
you gotta suffer more for your DIARIES don't letem get you down you down you better entertain if i speak aloud to find pleasure in my voice im just like the kind of fuck that finds happiness in mirrors but preaches of the insides

i dont ever come back home for quiet times it fits me better when i shrink
i can't go home, i can't go home, it sits me down and i just shrink, i can't go home

when did i catch that fever now i've better eyes but all that i've made up comes back and blinds when did i lose that sorry look and catch you you're all that i needed.

it passes in seasons and feels so empty at your sides all good feelins are bending you're someone im used to but im sicck and i can'tgetenough but all they see . is. an. ending.
Track Name: Pull You Out Again
could've fallen all the way, they catch you when you need it, they catch you all the time, was i smaller, was i let go all the way, dropped because i wouldn't bear the news, news could have us startled, showed a carcass on a screen-i stick around a while i stick until im green, such a sick boy, that body better change, i look at you but you don't tease the same

we'll come pull u out again when you get stuck in the deeper end and i don't like to watch you sink i get so far away from things

we've lost all the fun now you've got to watch urself, the friendly dog you own-you don't know what he smells, washed down in milky pleasures, you're drowning arousing some big man who's tough to hurt but gets so delicate in his favorite shirt

we'll come pull you out again when you get stuck in the deeper end and i don't like to watch you sink i get so far away from things let us touch your sensitives and make you like the stories inside everyone there's much to blame, yes you are no special case

what are you becoming now after all the packaging is shed you're not a toy
after all the earthquakes separate our songs i don't think too much, i've found my god


sad college ash house fried work home tired loud car dont crash why dont you man let that car crash?

why dont ya?
Track Name: Fast Child
we all live in a summer, no chains, hoping i don't get my shirts wet, no stains, you come in catch me loading halfway, but you don't have to tell me that! i know...i know...i know i've been breaking out there's no shame, i know you man that's not your name that's new face

disown that fast child, running through me, he never knew me,
where he goes when i turn off the lights, maybe it's just me making up lost time, closer than you wished for he's pickin off ur petals slow before they die

shove my phone in yourr face (funny) scroll through the pictures till my tummy explodes, where the tongues place slather all over, your flesh looks worried and fresh-fresh cuz it's sitting round in healthy things like happy hands, and television was my teacher, but it paid off cuz i've got a sense of when to stop and go and when to take breaks.
Track Name: Dead Dogs
i come out for the sun, i call up everyone, i put together friends, blend into the creature, don't live for confusion, don't live for a sun that sets, i carry safer guns, i pace a slower run, i'm killing all the time living through infections, don't lean to the left so fast you don't know yourself

i don't care about animals or people dressed just like them selling touch mistaken, please come stay in as the foam is raining, spilling white flesh, selling bones for breaking

breathe light through cellophane, eat right and vegetate, your process will evolve taller and less fetal, don't jog with a dead dog, don't sleep with a heavy debt, fuck off if ur made of fun, forgot the occasion was semi-formal poisonous, i'm not dressing up for a nipple that doesn't even feed me.